As an individual..

Need help funding college? school trip? certification? vocational classes?

Go social and mail all your relatives!

You will get your biggest return from extended family.. who usually are not your facebook friends. This is the case where you will send about 20-25 pieces of mail and is the primary condition where you should pay for postage. In addition, customize your mailer and message for each person, and send yourself via hand-written envelopes. This will give you the greatest returns. We also have suggestions as you go and will guide you via our website.

Be sure to repost your social network message

Time of day has an impact as well. Start your fundraiser and we'll give you the skinny.

We have 15 years experience ready to help..

Elementary, Middle & High school fundraisers

School hands
Planning a fundraiser for your school, athletics team, or extracurricular group?

Organizing an event is hard work! And without an engaged parent volunteer group, its even harder. Using a traditional company who will direct you're students to go door to door selling coupons or products or directing potentials pledgees to websites to buy junk doesn't feel right. Is going door-to-door even safe? We'll give you a tried and true techniques and help you organize your students and to reach friends and relatives in a safe, personal, and effective way.

We will do all the hard work

Direct mail is the most effective way to reach those willing to pledge. We'll help you organize your students, print packets for you to send home with this students, scrub, print, seal and send the mail. You'll get a 40-50% return on that mail depending on demographics and we'll ensure you get it. This is the case where you want to go full service. Please contact us and talk with one of our coaches.

Need to contact those alumni for donations?

Colleges and universities raising money

Alumni graduating
Alumni are busy!

Alumni are busy having families and developing careers. Lets make it as easy as possible for them to pledge to the school or cause with our customized webpage describing your cause and purpose. Do this through both social media and direct mail. Mail will reach those who are not following the school facebook page or twitter user/hashtag. Please contact us to get started!

We recommend a combination of social and direct mail to reach out

Normally alumni reach-out start with a small group of individuals. Therefore the facebook wall/timeline and twitter name/hashtag should belong to your school. This often has good reach but not as effective as having multiple participants post and tweet separately. Hence, direct mail is an obvious choice for reaching alumni. This is a scenario where often organizers choose to pay postage, print, stuff and mail themselves.