How It Works

No selling stuff! Contact your supporters with one or more of these options:

Invite your participants to join the cause in one of a half-dozen ways

Participants enter sponsors and opt-in to being reminded with a link to share on social media

The system does the automation to reach out and collect pledges and warm wishes

Going Social

Your participants can get their friends, family, community leaders, and followers involved!

On a mobile device or computer, participants share their customized pledge page describing your program's causes, goals, and needs. You can choose to be featured on our front page if you want the most exposure for your fundraiser. As users click on the links provided, they are directed to your customized pledge page allowing them to pledge to help raise money for your spiritual, social, charitable, or educational cause.


Email a personalize message

Most websites have canned non-personal messages that they force everyone to use. As a leader, you can decide what messages participants use in their email or participants can type in custom messages for each email recipient (which can be reviewed). When recipients click on the links provided within the email, they are directed to your customized pledge page containing additional details and an option to pledge to help raise money for your cause.

Direct Mail Option

We'll get a 44% response rate!

You heard it. If you use our coaching and direct mail services and suggestions, 45% of your outgoing mail will turn into a pledge for yourself or your organization. Imagine getting real mail that isn't bulk advertising.. it feels special! 65% read it and 75% of those will respond by either going to your customized pledge web site or sending in checks.


Our fees are the lowest in the industry!!

For your follow on fundraisers, our fees get ridiculous if you do it self-service

Optional direct mail: Costs more but it will pay for itself

Social & Email Fundraisers

Half the industry standard for group-based fundraising

Companies such as SnapRaise and WeFund4You have investors. That's not us. We are all about helping social, charitable, educational and spiritual causes and want to keep the lights on. Sponsors typically cover payment processing fees and with that option, combined with our lower rate, our fees are less than half of those websites.

After the first time, you can cut fees by half again!

Yes! You can earn even more money for your organization by either copying from your prior fundraiser or start a new one. Then, let the fundraiser wizard guide you step by step and do it yourself.

Direct Mail

We'll do all the work for you

If you want to use direct mail, using our techniques, on average, depending on demographics, 45% of mail will turn into a pledge and your average pledge will be about $39. This is greater than either social or email even for the big sites such as GoFundMe. We review and monitor everything for you. Other work we do: directly review address information, run zip-code and city analysis through our US-wide database, supply the paper, supply the return envelopes, we will print the custom pledge forms, print the and custom envelopes, stuff the envelopes, apply postage and bring it to the post office


Call us for these costs. Its worth it if you want to do it.

Security & Privacy

Our programmers have kids!

Payments, security, and privacy are the MOST important part of our website build-out

Security and Privacy are absolutely important

We wouldn't want our organization's information to get compromised. No Way! Security and privacy is our most important priority. Most websites say they are secure in the hopes you'll do business with them.. we really mean it. PledgeMe.com uses the latest encryption technology to ensure privacy and security. All traffic is encrypted. Images are encrypted, expire quickly, and are purged from our system soon after a campaign is complete. We never give out your contact info or sell information about your organization, the participants involved in the campaign, or fundraising results. All online pledges are handled by our payment provider, WePay, who is also used by GoFundMe.