One of our specialties..

Funding middle & high school athletics programs

Need to replace that old equipment?

We've been helping youth K-12 sports programs raise money for 15 years now. We have the experience to produce a fundraiser that will maximize the pledges you get to the team. Plus, nobody has to sell stuff and deal with products or coupon books. If you are a coach, we recommend you contact us to do all the hard lifting for you.

We specialize in this very situation

If you are a coach, you have lots to do. We recommend for this case you add direct mail for a myriad of reasons. Be sure to contact us for all the details.

What school doesn't need

Help with Band Fundraising

Band img
Planning a trip for your band students?

Going door to door selling coupons or products is no fun. And it feels a bit unsafe! Asking people to buy junk online also feels so commercial. We'll give you a tried and true techniques and help you organize your students and to reach friends and relatives in a safe, personal, and effective way.

We recommend adding Direct Mail here too!

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors often are not checking social networks. But they all have addresses.

George Floyd's death has affected us all

Help end racial inequity and injustice

George floyd protests
Want to help businesses affected by rioting and looting?

These businesses need help rebuilding and typically have many proponents, fans, and advocates. Reach out to those constituents and create a pledge drive to raise money to rebuild.

Organizing a peaceful protest is costly

Permits for outdoor large-scale protests cost in the 10s of thousands. First aid stations need to be setup, bathroom facilities need to be brought in,.. there is much to fund. Get your participants involved by mass-emailing an invitation so they can reach out to many others who feel they want to help.

Our STEM future..

Funding middle & high school science and technology clubs

Need to travel to that competition?

As half our staff are programmers, we want to help you raise money for science, technology, chess clubs, and other intellectually stimulating clubs. We believe this is our future!

We recommend a combination of social and direct mail to reach out

Filling out your petition and purpose will be key here. Your list for direct mail should consider the audience and be sure to stress the human aspect of accomplishment.