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This number is for individuals and organizations who have educational fundraising needs. Please, no solicitations.

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Group fundraising is tricky. Our coaches know how to get it done and how to optimize what you write and say in your pledge campaign to get the best results.

Meet Liam!

Liam is passionate about helping fund schools and school extracurricular sport programs. He has two girls who have participated in school sports and who have excelled in their studies over the years.

Shannon coach
Meet Shannon!

Shannon is a proud stepmom and mom and married to Coach Liam. She is passionate about her community and helping others and can be found at the Austintown Farmers' Market, which she founded and still organizes, spending time with friends and family, yoga-ing, and traveling.

Meet Curtis!

Curtis is the father of two children and specializes in church and spiritual fundraising. Curtis knows the importance of keeping congregations together and spreading the word of God through outreach and charitable assistance.

Meet Eric!

Eric is our chief Ruby on Rails and web developer guy. He has a special place in his heart for education and social injustice and its effect on all of us. If the site has something goofy, its his fault.