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We have one goal.. better funding for education

We care about funding education!

We combine social crowdfunding and email with direct mail

We've been around since 2008 and have traditionally specialized in alternatives to product sales for the youth market (K-12). We're now expanding into college fundraising and combining our direct mail expertise with email and social networking to get the best of both the real and virtual worlds. We strive to combine our fundraising with a component of community service or outreach program to help give back to the community and provide a great example for our future leaders. Our goal is to foster a meaningful/purposeful experience and to help raise the most money possible with the least amount of time and effort spent by the students and their advisors.

On average, we get get you greater reach than all other fundraising sites

With email and social, resulting pledge activity will be equal that of other online fundraising companies. But add direct mail and you reach those who are tech-unsavy, dont like social, or dont read their email. Follow our recommendations and let us do the mailings and address/content scrubbing (its optional if you want us to do this) and for the typical pledge campaign, we get 45% of the mail being returned as checks or a pledge on your custom website. Our experience here will really pay off for you. If you do direct mail all yourself, including creating letters with your image and educational logo (such as a school mascot), stuffing envelopes, stamp, and mail, your response rate will typically be around 6% for direct mail.


Come join the team

But only if you believe education is underfunded!

Coders m work

Looking for passionate driven marketers who believe in our cause. Creative minds need only apply. You'll be doing it all!


Lets help education and educational extracurricular activities get the funding they need to get our kids a great start in life. 25% of our market is covered but that leaves the other 75%!


Ruby on Rails and front-end web developers with strong javascript skills both needed.

Please contact Eric at eroubal aat pledgeme.com for more information. Recruiters welcome only if your fee will be waved for the first hire.

Media Inquiries

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